Bus Charters Ixtapa Mexico

Bus Charters Ixtapa Mexico

When you’re narrowing down the details of your upcoming family reunion, wedding reception, or Ixtapa corporate fundraiser, it’s absolutely essential that you have a professional bus charter service to take care of all your guests’ needs throughout your trip.  Scheduling these arrangements for bus charters Ixtapa can be a time-consuming process.  Instead of frustration, get into contact with the transportation services experts at Odyssey.

Whether you are looking for a limousine service to a wedding, bar mitzvah or graduation, our bus chartersIxtapa will leave you impressed each and every time.  From the most luxurious models to our ever-growing bus charter fleet, we assure you that from pick-up to drop-off, your experience will be second to none.  Our drivers have the experience servicing Ixtapa, so you’ll arrive on time, every time.

Odyssey Transportation’s bus charters Ixtapa offer some of the best limousine services Ixtapa.  Featuring not only charter buses, but also coaches, event staffing, and security details, our team has thought of everything that will make your journey an unforgettable experience.  Don’t settle for anything less than the very best bus charter services Ixtapa.  Our team will take care of every single detail so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy day.

Call Odyssey today for a no-obligation quote for your upcoming trip to or from Ixtapa.  Reach us at (855) 237-133 to speak with one of our bus charter professionals.  We’ll match the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Ixtapa, Mexico

Located on the Southern coast of Mexico, Ixtapa has been one of the premier resort towns and vacation getaways for both American and international travelers.  Featuring gorgeous views of the ocean, an unrivaled nightlife scene, and countless luxury hotels, restaurants, and retail space, it’s no wonder why this paradise brings in hundreds of millions in tourism revenue each year.

With a population that works year-round in the tourism industry, Ixtapa has has numerous sites to keep a visitor busy.  From visiting the ancient Aztec ruins in the jungles, kitesurfing, Ixtapa has something to offer everyone.  Now a center for the night clubs, bars, and business retreats, there are numerous street festivals and other events year-round to keep you busy.  High-end retail spaces make Ixtapa one of the best shopping areas in Mexico.

There’s plenty to do in Ixtapa, so why would you want to be stuck in traffic during your trip?  Reserve one of our bus charters and leave the hassle of driving behind!  Odyssey Transportation will take care of everything, leaving you more time to shop, dine, and make business connections in style.  Our bus charters will allow you to enjoy Ixtapa at your own leisure, as we service all major hotels, convention centers, and airports.